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This treatment distributes pigment into the lips to create definition, symmetry, and volume.

Includes touch-up done within 6-8 weeks.


This service entails the placement of pigment within the lash line to enhance the natural beauty of the eye by giving the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes. Includes touch-up done within 6-8 weeks.


A step of up from nano liner, this treatment places more pigment within the lash line for a slightly more enhanced look. Includes touch-up done within 6-8 weeks.


Custom decorative eyeliner represents our most glamorous treatment for a more dramatic and striking look.

Includes touch-up done within 6-8 weeks.


This is for bottom eyeliner only. Includes touch-up done within 6-8 weeks.


This service is for a new set of powder brows. This technique is meant to mimic the look of makeup. 

Includes touch up done within 6-8 weeks of initial procedure.

The Facts

Save Money. Save Time. Save the Planet.

The average American woman spends over $300,000 on facial cosmetics in her lifetime.

Thats $8-$11 a day!

Women spend an average of 3.2 hours applying/removing makeup each week, which totals more than 474 days of their lives.

Save 28 minutes a day. For life.

Daily use cosmetics account for more than 120 billion tons of plastic waste every year. You read that right.

Permanent makeup is a greener way to look your best...without the mess.

Contact Us

Krysta has been an artist her entire life, and has been passionate about art, makeup and the beauty industry ever since she could remember! Permanent Cosmetics has come a long way in recent years, and has evolved into a natural, softer permanent solution for makeup. Krysta looks forward to helping you design your permanent liner and lips to give you a soft, natural everyday look without the fuss!

Perfect Pout Santa Barbara

116 E Yanonali St. Unit D
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Krysta Gudgeon

Owner | Permanent Makeup Artist


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