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About Permanent Makeup

Your Journey Begins Here

Permanent makeup application is a non~surgical technique in which pigment is placed under the top layer of skin. The process is similar to traditional tattooing, but utilizes special machinery and technique to place the pigment closer to the surface of the skin where it appears more natural and vibrant. Permanent makeup employs specific pigments that are used to enhance natural color, restore symmetry, and add volume and definition to your natural features. Permanent makeup is effortless, care free, waterproof, and smudge free.  It saves precious time, money and frustration. The finished result appears so natural, no one would ever know you have permanent makeup!


Permanent makeup procedures are made comfortable through the application of topical anesthetic, and are hand administered using advanced top of the line machines and practiced, industry certified techniques.  The machine is minimally invasive, which makes downtime for eyeliner generally non existent!  Our line of pigments are of the highest quality and are naturally derived from organic pigments, glycerin, and tiny amounts of color preservative.


 The recovery time for Lip blush is generally 5-7 days with slight swelling for the first 2-12 hours after the procedure.  I recommend shading the lips darker than your desired end result, as the color is 40-60% brighter directly after the procedure and will heal into a lighter, more natural color. 

People of all generations around the world are enjoying the benefits and convenience of permanent makeup. Whatever your reason for choosing permanent makeup,  let me work with you to customize your desires and give you the true gift of permanent makeup!

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